Selling a Home? Have Asbestos Removal Done First For These Reasons

If you're a homeowner who is ready to sell a home that has asbestos present, you might be planning on selling it as-is. Even though some people do sell homes that have asbestos, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't at least consider having asbestos removal done before you sell the home. In fact, you probably should have asbestos removal done first for these reasons.

Ensure Work Can Be Done in the Home

In some cases, asbestos is not especially harmful if they are not tampered with. Building materials that contain asbestos but that are still in good condition aren't always dangerous. However, if you want to have some repairs and upgrades done to the home before you sell it — which is often a good idea, especially in a competitive home market — then these materials might need to be removed or tampered with. If you go ahead and have asbestos removal done now, then you can make the upgrades and changes to the property that need to be made, which can make selling easier.

Prevent Asbestos-Related Legal Issues

In some areas, it's illegal to sell a home that contains asbestos. More commonly, it's illegal to do so without disclosing the fact that there is asbestos in the home. Even though these laws and regulations do vary between different jurisdictions, the last thing that you probably want is to face a lawsuit or some other type of legal situation due to selling a home that contains asbestos. If you have the asbestos removed before you sell the home, however, you should not have to worry about dealing with any of these problems.

Avoid Putting People at Risk

While you're preparing the home to sell, you could be at risk if you enter it without having asbestos removed. If you show the home to a real estate agent, appraiser, potential buyer, or anyone else, that person could be put at risk, too. If you hire someone to come and do work on the home before you sell it, they could be put at serious risk of asbestos exposure if asbestos isn't removed before they start working. In fact, some contractors might even refuse to do any work in the home until the asbestos is taken care of. Regardless, you don't want to put yourself or anyone else at risk, and having asbestos removal done can help you prevent anyone from being put at unnecessary risk.

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